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Woah! I don't even know what would happen should the batpig and the batsaurus ever cross paths... Dorkly pulls through with another great photo! Batman T-Rex FROM ANIRUDH KOUL / AUGUST 9, 2011 Criminals are superstitious, cowardly, and f*cking terrified of giant meat-eating dinosaurs. I guess ...

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Abstract French Bulldog Vinyl Figure

Artist Zeb Goodell, inspired by his own French Bulldog "Montague," combined two of my most favorite things in the world with this one: Frenchies, and vinyl toys! Pictures of Kidrobot's Dunny figurines are often sent to me as "batpig look-alikes," but Goodell takes it to a whole new level!

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You’ve got to be kidding! Skeptical Batpig.

It’s hard not to anthropomorphize with some of the expressions the batpig makes sometimes… Here he seems to be raising his eyebrows almost superciliously as if whatever (I) the photographer was doing was beyond absurd! To someone unaccustomed to the face of a Frenchie he might seem almost angry, but ...

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