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Fido Friday | Batpig and Me

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French Bulldog and other fuzzy friends from facebook and twitter, typically rounded up and shared with the world on Fridays!

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Another Adorable Frenchie Friday!


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A Special Festive Fido Friday

So many of our fuzzy friends are getting decked out for the holidays, Batpig & Me decided to make this a special festive fido friday, and include our poochie pals from all over the web. From top left: ...

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December’s First Fido Friday

A very happy fido friday from Batpig & Me to all of our friends out there. We have so many new pals we are excited to share with you all, and this week we wanted introduce you to some of our new non-Frenchie canine facebook pals!...

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Frenchie Friday Facebook Style

You'll have to forgive any faux-pas (or paws) as this is our first attempt at doing Fido/Frenchie Friday Facebook style. Batpig & Me have been enjoying meeting new furry friends on FB, and wanted to introduce you to just a ...

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We're especially grateful to have such great furry pals when the weather and life can be not so sunny! Our featured French Bulldog friends this week are: (from top left) BrightonFrogDog, Aaronmeshon, MadisonMcnugget, getaed, ...

View T.G.I.F.F.

Frenchie Friday November 4

Its been a few weeks, but we're happy to be back in action to wish some of our twitter Frenchie pals another fabulous Frenchie Friday! This week's featured friends (from top left): Fr_BullDogGaya, norico37, jinsound, ...

View Frenchie Friday November 4

Mega Frenchie Friday: 16 Fabulous Frog-Dog Friends

So many fuzzy friends, we thought we'd mega-size this week's 'Frenchie Friday'! From top left: @bulldog2mama, @Basil_Guinnessb, @PeanutPopovits, @2Frenchies2Cute, @lpzbuzz, @VAMOS_GOMEZ, @kakalovetenten, @fransoir0806, ...

View Mega Frenchie Friday: 16 Fabulous Frog-Dog Friends

Squish-Faced Fido Friday

A happy squish-faced fido friday to all our pals, with special shout-outs to: (from top left) @RiderandMiley, @tetsusabu, @Tucker_the_BTFB, @Aint_No_Bull,  @xdurin, @squishfacedogs, @3a_tweetstweets, ...

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Another Friday Means More Fuzzy Frenchies

Another Friday, featuring some more of our fuzzy frenchie friends, nuff said. ...

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Frenchie Friday: Sep 23, 2k11

A very happy Frenchie Friday to all our fuzzy pals. This week featuring (from top left): @BonjourNino, @hotpotato, @ChubbyPoyu, @HugotheFrenchie, @Nao_Cafe, @BatmanBatdog, @MoxiePaws, ...

View Frenchie Friday: Sep 23, 2k11

Fido Friday Going Green

Poochie Pals Gone Green ...

View Fido Friday Going Green

A Black and White Fido Friday

This past week I've been tackling the challenge of getting great graphics in black and white. I decided this would be a great week to feature some of my favorite 'Fido ...

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Fido Friday: pawsome twitter icons

Design and doggies... two of my favorite things. So I figured this week there's no need to keep Fridays strictly Frenchie-friendly. So a special happy fuzzy fido friday to these furry pals (and their humans too): Fido Friday: August 12, 2011 ...

View Fido Friday: pawsome twitter icons

Frenchie Friday (July 29, 2011)

Happy Frenchie Friday to all of the batpig's pals. This week featuring: ...

View Frenchie Friday (July 29, 2011)

16 Rockin’ Frog Dog Twitter Icons

I am constantly impressed by the creativity of some of our frenchie friends on twitter. Here is just a sample of some of our furry pals who are worth following even just to see they're faces pop up in your stream... Starting at top ...

View 16 Rockin’ Frog Dog Twitter Icons

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