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a catchy song that gets stuck in your head a lot. Sometimes one you don’t know (evil), don’t like (evil), or you know and like (happy!)

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Michael Bolton and Jack Sparrow

After watching this video a number of times too embarrasing to reveal we've taken to calling the Batpig the 'Jester of Tortuga'- I'm pretty sure this means it's officially stuck in my head.

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Butters’ Boom Boom Pow

Butters singing Boom Boom Pow (one line mind you) has been looping in my head all-day. Maybe this is my punishment for laughing at the Crack Baby Athletic Association episode of South Park...and, best of all, it's charity, so it's all tax free....

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I Fought the Law

Even at his darkest hour Roger can't resist the temptation of doing a musical number... Clip from American Dad Season 6, Episode 7 "the People vs. Martin Sugar"

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Sello Tape – Flight of the Conchords

Bret and Jemaine, Flight of the Conchords, are just ah-mazing. Every episode of the show seems to get funnier every time I watch. Sello Tape is one of the less annoying earworms, especially now that I know more than one line. Be sure to check out FotC's ...

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Like any good academic (note the sarcasm) I try my best to define my terms- whether or not my resources are academically sound I'll leave up to you... So what is an earworm? As urban dictionary (i.e. some random person from god-knows-where with access to a computer) defines it, an earworm ...

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