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FrogsThemes Goes Chameleon

FrogsThemes has added a new reptile to their repertoire. The aptly named Chameleon Pro incorporates features including: customizable color schemes, 3.0 featured post thumbs, native social media integration, and a built-in options framework that allow it to respond to its 'environment' just like its name-sake. Play ...

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Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon

For all you lucky ducky west-coast pooches (and, on behalf of the batpig, those of you who aren't terrified of getting your paws wet) check out this Surf-A-Thon on September 25, 2011. And, for you west-coasters somehow surviving without a four-legged friend, there'll be adoptable fuzzy pals from the animal ...

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puppy’s blog: a batpig blog-crush

It was love at first sight. Puppy blogs and tweets about his adventures, and those of various Frenchie Friends out there with a hysterical trail of 'plushie puppy' that are just- well, they speak for themselves: About Puppy i am puppy. rescued from a crane at gateway 26 in wildwood, ...

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husqvarna e-go electric bike

Eco-friendly motorcycly goodness! husqvarna e-go electric bike the 'husqvarna e-go' electric motorcycle concept presented at the frankfurt motor show 2011, the 'e-go' electric bicycle is a prototype by italy-based manufacturers husqvarna, conceptualized as a human-powered  alternative to electric motorcycles. weighing 80-kilograms (176 pounds), the 'e-go' is a single-seater ...

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A New Muse (Adobe Muse)

WebDistortion does it again! Paul Anthony (unbeknownst to him) has become my total go-to resource for all of those tools and resources out there for web design and development that I wish I bookmarked/had stored in one place/could remember where I put them. Adobe Muse, which is apparently a code ...

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