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My Boys At The Beach

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Batdog And Other Flimflammery From Bill Robinson

I first came across Bill Robinson's Bat Dog Print in the collection of another artist/dog-lover, karleedesigns, on flickr. As the proud owner of one very super batpig I was delighted ...

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Happy 2012 to Everydoggy!

Hope everyone gets to ring in 2012 with the pups they love, and that 2012 brings plenty of snuggling and face-licks!

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The Life and Times of One Furry Frenchie: A Batpig-gram Story

The Baby Batpig and I have been enjoying following our French Bulldog and all other fuzzy friends on Instagram of late, so we thought we'd share a day in the life of the batpig, as seen through the lens of one iPhone camera app. You'll ...

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Squishfacedogs (all one word) is a well-designed, and delightfully adorable collection of dogs with squished faces (brachycephalic if you want to get all technical about it). They feature new friends almost everyday, and recently were kind enough ...

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Spacey Batpig

Clearly the batpig's got something way more interesting going on between the ears, because he sure as heck didn't want to look at the camera!

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What’cha lookin’ at?

The Batpig was in no mood for my photographic tomfoolery this morning.

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Frenchie Friday: Sep 23, 2k11

A very happy Frenchie Friday to all our fuzzy pals. This week featuring (from top left): @BonjourNino, @hotpotato, @ChubbyPoyu, @HugotheFrenchie, @Nao_Cafe, @BatmanBatdog, @MoxiePaws, ...

View Frenchie Friday: Sep 23, 2k11

FreBull.Info: A Batpig/Buhi Community

Allow me to be very clear here: I have little to no idea what's going on over at , but that doesn't mean I don't obsessively look at it pretty much every day of the week. From what I gather, it's a community of French ...

View FreBull.Info: A Batpig/Buhi Community

Kotaro now calling on Fureburu ☆

Its been too long since I've featured our fabulously creative furry friends from the far East... Enter 'Kotaro now calling on Fureburu'... or on Twitter @chiyochanp. Translation never does either party any justice, but this colorful jelly-bean-crazy Frenchie is some serious foreign fun....

View Kotaro now calling on Fureburu ☆


The banner alone had us sold. Lily, a female frenchie doppleganger for the batpig, is donning an outfit I only wish I could pull off. Turns out there's even more bloggedy goodness in there. In addition to ...

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puppy’s blog: a batpig blog-crush

It was love at first sight. Puppy blogs and tweets about his adventures, and those of various Frenchie Friends out there with a hysterical trail of 'plushie puppy' that are just- well, they speak for themselves: About Puppy i am puppy. rescued from a crane at gateway 26 in wildwood, ...

View puppy’s blog: a batpig blog-crush

Frenchie Friday (July 29, 2011)

Happy Frenchie Friday to all of the batpig's pals. This week featuring: ...

View Frenchie Friday (July 29, 2011)

More batpig less me?

Don't worry, I'm not completely daft- for just the batpig, hold the me, you can always go to the Batpig

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Abstract French Bulldog Vinyl Figure

Artist Zeb Goodell, inspired by his own French Bulldog "Montague," combined two of my most favorite things in the world with this one: Frenchies, and vinyl toys! Pictures of Kidrobot's Dunny figurines are often sent to me as "batpig look-alikes," but Goodell takes it to a whole new level!

View Abstract French Bulldog Vinyl Figure

Punky Plushies: Frenchies by TurdDemon

These plushies add a bit of subversive flare to the adorable Frenchie mystique resulting in a unique and squishably cute product. The artist describes on her etsy site: A 10″ original art doll by artist, Allyson Gutchell, aka TurdDemon. This doll is a one of a kind off white/cream colored ...

View Punky Plushies: Frenchies by TurdDemon

You’ve got to be kidding! Skeptical Batpig.

It’s hard not to anthropomorphize with some of the expressions the batpig makes sometimes… Here he seems to be raising his eyebrows almost superciliously as if whatever (I) the photographer was doing was beyond absurd! To someone unaccustomed to the face of a Frenchie he might seem almost angry, but ...

View You’ve got to be kidding! Skeptical Batpig.

“Every Dog Has Its Day,” 1912

Frenchies rise in popularity coincided with a lot of other changes, the proliferation of the automobile for one, so it's no surprise that someone would want to include their frog dog on their sunday drive. Artist Will Frefe captures this little guy perfectly!

View “Every Dog Has Its Day,” 1912

French Bulldog Friends

I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without knowing that French Bulldog Friends, a community for French Bulldog lovers, existed! In addition to being chock full of adorable pictures and videos of Frenchies in various states, it’s also a great resource for any information current or prospective French Bulldog owners ...

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