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Batpig Stickers!

So here they are- die cut, weather-proof, vinyl Batpig stickers! Just what everyone needs! The stickers (made by stickermule) are about 3 x 3 inches. I had fifty of them made so they'll ...

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Squishfacedogs (all one word) is a well-designed, and delightfully adorable collection of dogs with squished faces (brachycephalic if you want to get all technical about it). They feature new friends almost everyday, and recently were kind enough ...

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Batpig & Me: MIA?

Hi all. Just wanted to let any curious minds know that the batpig & I apologize for our lack of attendance to all of our pals while we attend to some family health bid-ness! We miss your faces (furry or not) and can't wait to get back onto a normal ...

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Frenchie Friday November 4

Its been a few weeks, but we're happy to be back in action to wish some of our twitter Frenchie pals another fabulous Frenchie Friday! This week's featured friends (from top left): Fr_BullDogGaya, norico37, jinsound, ...

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White French Bulldog in French

I love the angular simplicity flecked with furry details of this French Bulldog portrait by talented illustrator Kristina Micotti! French bulldog in French An illustration, mixed media work with original hand-done type. To find other illustrations and vibrant visuals by Micotti you can check out her ...

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Baby French Bulldog Costume

I'm not a usually big baby gusher, but this is freaking adorable!! via Baby French Bulldog Costume [PIC].

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Spacey Batpig

Clearly the batpig's got something way more interesting going on between the ears, because he sure as heck didn't want to look at the camera!

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Froggy Doggy Raincoat

As the photographer described: I bought Chikuwa this new raincoat cause the old one is getting worn out after eight years. Chikuwa LOVEs walking in the rain......

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Physics for Dogs: A Crash Course in Catching Cats, Frisbees, and Cars

Physics for Dogs is a handy textbook that teaches dogs the fundamentals of physics, using examples dogs can understand: chasing the mailman, ...

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I’m Not a Frenchie I’m a Panda

More ador-ability from Purin, the 'Frenchie Fashionista' behind @miemomopurin's work at (as well as its Japanese counterpart, and batpig favorite, the Pariero Mall)! Rumor has it this will be available in the US ...

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Fingerless Frenchie Gloves

Alas, it seems we were too late in finding these adorable hand-knitted frenchie-fied gloves as the artist (ilyn.etsy's) work (though still available to peruse on flickr) is no longer being sold in her store. They're still creative and cute-as-ever, though- so be inspired, and ooh and ...

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Mega Frenchie Friday: 16 Fabulous Frog-Dog Friends

So many fuzzy friends, we thought we'd mega-size this week's 'Frenchie Friday'! From top left: @bulldog2mama, @Basil_Guinnessb, @PeanutPopovits, @2Frenchies2Cute, @lpzbuzz, @VAMOS_GOMEZ, @kakalovetenten, @fransoir0806, ...

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French Bulldogs 101

Well people, you heard the expert, it turns out "French Bulldogs are really good at sitting around and being cute!" (*gasp*). I'll let you recover from shock by watching this segment from Dogs 101. Dogs 101: French Bulldog

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Tonya Pet Photography: Fabulous Frenchies and More

Anyone can take a snapshot of their favorite furry family member, but Tonya Schabacker's work at Tonya Pet Photography illustrates the striking difference between a picture, and a portrait. 'Mr. Darcy' (above) has an air of elegance and sophistication about him, ...

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No Farting Frenchie Coveralls

Buhitney 'No Farting' coveralls, modelled by the über adorable @miemomopurin (who always sticks her tongue out), are as perfect for a frenchie as an article of clothing can be! They even have a pompom on the hood to top it all off! Too cute!...

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Buhi-Man Shirts

OMD (oh my dog) the batpig NEEDS to get his paws on one of these shirts! “It's very cold today. We are wearing same shirts.” @Rentaroo_Sam618 as soon as Batpig & Me can figure out where Chiba, Japan is expect visitors! (Kidding, sadly enough.) via ...

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Squish-Faced Fido Friday

A happy squish-faced fido friday to all our pals, with special shout-outs to: (from top left) @RiderandMiley, @tetsusabu, @Tucker_the_BTFB, @Aint_No_Bull,  @xdurin, @squishfacedogs, @3a_tweetstweets, ...

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Farsighted Frenchie

Farsighted Frenchie definitely gonna need his glasses... Just one of many cute findings over at Earth's (the living, breathing french bulldog) blog.

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Fictional Frenchie Eats Human Remains

French Bulldogs can make even the most gruesome of activities seem adorable... As for the origins of this bone-chewing batpig... Using my masterful Portugese detective skills I believe this to be a 5-years-of-dating ...

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When we last shared the incredible adventures of @puppysblog with you we somehow egregiously overlooked the reci-pup-es, which include both recipes (duh) and super cute shots of puppy in culinary action! Oh puppy, you never cease to make us smile! So check out RECIPUPES | puppy's blog....

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Brigitte aka Stella of Modern Family

Brigitte (aka Stella) stole the heart of Modern Family's Jay Pritchett (Ed O'Neil) despite his initial protests! This past week's episode (S03E03) began with a sound all Frenchie owners are familiar with...that chainsaw trucker snore that batpigs oft' produce. I thought I'd go a little inside the actor's ...

View Brigitte aka Stella of Modern Family

BT Gets Busted!

This photo is hillarious! This bikerrific Boston Terrier, spreads his paws, and takes it like...well, a dog (the doggles just add to the greatness of the moment). Batpig just hopes he doesn't get Frenchie-Frisked next time he ...

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How Frenchies Really Communicate

Now here's someone who has the inside scoop on how a French Bulldog does most of its 'talking.' Oh were it only true that something akin to little hearts would replace the noxious gas every bulldog owner knows all too well. ...

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Famous Frenchies: Margaret of Dissing Your Dog on SNL

Check out the Fussy-Eating French Bulldog 'Margaret' in Will Ferrell's SNL commercial Dissing Your Dog. (Full 3 minute commercial inside post).     Oh, right, Margaret, you wanted prime rib. Here's the deal: The ...

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