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Weebie the Beastlie – Leslie Levings

Leslie Levings' 'Beastlies' have always had a batpig-esque quality about them. Some for their actual features, but mainly there's just an impish quality about them that I love. From her 'cute and dangerous' show, to the hand-crafted little monsters (each with a personality of its own) available at ...

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Abstract French Bulldog Vinyl Figure

Artist Zeb Goodell, inspired by his own French Bulldog "Montague," combined two of my most favorite things in the world with this one: Frenchies, and vinyl toys! Pictures of Kidrobot's Dunny figurines are often sent to me as "batpig look-alikes," but Goodell takes it to a whole new level!

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the original…

I suppose if we're to dissect the phenomenon that is the batpig himself, then a thorough understanding of the subject is in order... Here's the batpig in what I like to think of his "Buddha" pose...

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Look-Alikes: Stitch

The resemblance is pretty undeniable with this one... Perhaps we have a front runner for some sort of ancestral batpig blueprint?

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Look-Alikes: Gremlins

Might as well start with the "obvious" ones- or at least the ones I hear at least once a month. I'll admit I've had my moments of thinking the batpig was acting like he was a gremlin ...

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About: the Batpig Code

Perhaps this is something that happens with all French Bulldogs, or maybe it's "batpig-specific", but the batpig and I are constantly asked [rhetorically, of course] "D'ya know what he looks like? A(n) [insert any creature other than a dog here]."

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