Lovable Frenchies (and Baby) Photo Series

Sure there are lots of cute photos of puppies on the internet, but every now and then something comes along that just takes your breath away. Enter the series of photos of Frenchie Bulldog puppies from Lovable Frenchies with the über adorable baby Austin.

About Lovable Frenchies:

We are small hobby breeders striving to produce beautiful, top quality French Bulldogs. Our goal is to continue improving this wonderful breed and share all of the love and happiness that our frenchies have brought to our lives.  We are very passionate about our frenchies and could not imagine life without them.

As responsible breeders we are highly selective of the frenchies we choose to add to our breeding program. We research several different areas of criteria such as their bloodlines, health of dogs in their pedigree, as well as temperaments and conformation.

Maintaining healthy dogs is just as important.  We strongly believe that feeding our dogs a RAW diet will ensure that they live long, happy, and healthy lives. We encourage new owners to do the same.

We are also very conscientious when interviewing potential owners.  We do everything to ensure a wonderful forever home for our frenchie puppies. All puppies will be sold with limited registration and a strict spay/neuter contract unless discussed otherwise.

Only established, professional French Bulldog breeders will be eligible to purchase a puppy with full registration rights.  Veterinarian and fellow breeder refrences must be provided.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!  We would love to talk about our French Bulldogs with you!

Lovable Frenchies – French Bulldog Breeder in Pennsylvania.

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