Far East Frenchie Fashions from Buhix

It’s been kind of a while since we’ve ogled the amazing French Bulldog fashions from our friends in Japan (and, yes, by French Bulldog fashions we mean fashions designed specifically for French Bulldogs). However, we recently revisited Buhix.net and some of the stuff is just too amazing to keep to ourselves. It’s not everyday you see a vintage bomber jacket or hand-stitched satin specifically designed to fit your frenchie pal…


Buhix French Bulldog Fashions
  • MA-1 Vintage Bomber Jacket

    They're reproduced this 50's bomber jacket right down to the cigarette pocket (though I'm hoping your Frenchie doesn't smoke)
  • Sukajan Satin Jacket

    This jacket is absurdly nice...like I'm kind of wondering if they make matching ones for the owners.
  • Graffiti T-Shirt

    Airbrushed graffiti t-shirt designed to "fit the unique French Bulldog lines?" Yes please.
  • Pail Tee Bandara

    Sporty meets wild wild west style.
  • Sweat Stadium Jumper

    Stadium jumper that will make your Frenchie look like a varsity stud!

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