French Bulldog Cards for Every Occasion by Tomoko Maruyama

Things we love include: french bulldogs, cards and all things Japanese, so it’s no surprise that the batpig and I were stoked to run into the work of Tomoko Maruyama on etsy this week. She brings frenchie flare to any occasion with her adorable illustrations and classy cards.

About Tomoko Maruyama

Color Your Life Tomoyo MaruyamaTomoko is a San Francisco based artist originally from Japan. Before becoming an artist, Tomoko was a sports teacher for children and seniors in Tokyo. After a few years, she moved to New York to pursue her new interests in creative design. Eventually, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where she opened her own studio.

Tomoko has a distinct design style that evokes feelings of warmth, happiness and peace. She uses a palette of natural colors and shades that reflect her daily life in the streets in San Francisco.

Tomoko has extensive experience in the design of corporate products such as logos, marketing brochures, package design and business cards. Additionally, her portfolio of products includes greeting cards, illustrations, calendars and a clothing line, which are available in selected stores in San Francisco, New York, Hawaii, Japan and the U.K.

For more of Maruyama’s work you can check out her Etsy store, Color Your Life or her web page

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