Hugh Jackman- Family Man, Frenchie Fan

NYPD Officer with Hugh Jackman's French Bulldog DaliGood old Daily Mail gives us the scoop on Hugh Jackman, and his big day out at New York’s Bryant Park- complete with police escorts for his two-year old French Bulldog, Dali.

[quote style=”1″]Last night, he hosted the world’s largest short film festival in New York’s Bryant Park.

But today, X-Men star Hugh Jackman was back to being an ordinary family man as he grabbed lunch this afternoon from Citarella market, that is, if you call having armed police escorts watch your dog while you shop ‘ordinary.’

The 43-year-old hunk gave his bulging biceps a workout as he held several takeout bags, and his beaming six-year-old daughter Eva up by her tiny arms.

Privileged pooch: Jackman’s two-year-old French bulldog Dali savoured the attention from his two personal armed NYPD officers


Hugh Jackman, Daughter and Frenchie, Dali Jackman, Dali and Daughter NYPD Officers with Frenchie Dali

Jackman also kept fans abreast of Dali’s adventures on twitter:

Hugh Jackman French Bulldog Tweet

Hugh Jackman grabs lunch with his family in Manhattan…as his French bulldog Dali gets two police escorts | Mail Online.

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