Meadow Pet Rugs from Wildebeest

Learn Meadow Pet Rug with Frenchie from Wildebeest

Our poooch-lovin’ pals at DogMilk found these paw-dorable Meadow Rugs from Wildebeest. My mom thinks I would tear it to shreds but the Frenchie-model (Bandit) is still pretty darn adorable!!

Wildebeest Meadow Rug in Heather with Frenchie Wildebeest Meadow Pet Rug Green with Bandit the Frenchie Wildebeest Meadow Pet Rug Green Mix with Bandit the Frenchie
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Wildebeest gives all the details:

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Meadow Rug is your pet’s new favorite hangout spot and a fun accent piece to any surrounding environment. It’s lightweight, durable, and fully machine washable. You & your pet both will enjoy this versatile and original design everyday, in the home or on the go!

● 100% anti-pill fleece – the fluffy texture & warmth that pets love.
● 100% cotton flannel – the soft liner that holds the fleece in place.
● 100% cotton canvas bottom – gives the rug structure & durability.
● Zipper closure – allows you to easily add your own cushion.

Hand-Made in San Francisco.

S:    24″ x 18″
M:   32″ x 24″
L:    40″ x 30″

2012 Spring Styles


  Teal Mix

  Hot Red

  Hot Red Mix


  Lime Mix

  Milk Tea

  Milk Tea Mix




According to our DogMilk pals:

We’ve posted about Wildebeest’s pet rugs before, but they just released a brand new “new-and-improved” version along with more color options and sizes!

Meadow Pet Rugs by Wildebeest

These new rugs have been approved by Palm Beach Oriental rug cleaning pros for ease of washing and feature sturdy canvas bases as well as a zip-closure, allowing you to stuff the rugs to suit your dog’s comfort level. They’re still hand-made from 100% fleece, of course, but now you can choose between six solid colors or four multi-color options. Awesome, right? They also put together this adorable promo video that I couldn’t help but share:

Check out Wildebeest for more!

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