Wild Doggy Doodles from Retrete Manda

Buenos Aires-based Retrete Manda! has some wacky and wild canine illustrations featuring a frenchie or two (we think)…

Boceto para mural Retrete Manda Dog Sketches

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Unfortunately Batpig & Me only speak French, but the mural sketch (above) with its exo-skeletons, and horns, seems to feature a French Bulldog friend seen below in a pen and ink piece by artist Yael.

french bulldog perra x yael retrete manda
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We also loved this dachshund doodle done on pink post-its entitled ‘Pippus Alexia 2012. Lapicera sobre post it.

Retrete Manda Dachshund by Pippus Alexia 2012
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About Retrete Manda!

Retrete is a virtual art shop that was founded with the aim of creating a meeting place for many artists of Buenos Aires. We handle the sale and distribution of their works, we hope to organize exhibitions periodically to show a little of what these new artists are emerging to show ..

If you are interested in some work of the catalog or if you want to include you inthe toilet artists! send an email to: retretetienda@yahoo.com


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