Frenchies and Photography in Finland with Mikko Lönnberg

French Bulldogs have a way of rendering even the silliest of snapshots completely adorable. However, the Finnish photographer Mikko Lönnberg, brings Frenchie photography (and, well, just photography in general) to a whole new level!

Lahja the French Bulldog Flies Over Snow by Mikko Lönnberg

We first encountered his work as @mikkolo77 on instagram with a photo of his pied French Bulldog, Lahja, litterally flying over the snow! Soon we were in it for more than just the Frenchie fun- the gorgeous color of his Boxer, Omar, pops against the bucolic backgrounds. And *gasp* soon we were even ogling dog-less scenic photos.

snowy frenchie lahja lahja frenchie close up omar in the snow frenchie and boxer pals in the snow lahja in pink mikkolo77 finland scenic omar in action lahja and omar in the snow lahja catches a snowball

For more of Lönnberg’s work you can check out his website, his variety of dog photo galleries, and can follow all of the gorgeous Frenchie Lahja’s action with her other doggy pals here.

via Mikko Lönnberg.

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