Batdog And Other Flimflammery From Bill Robinson

I first came across Bill Robinson’s Bat Dog Print in the collection of another artist/dog-lover, karleedesigns, on flickr.

Batdog by Bill Robinson, Flimflammery

As the proud owner of one very super batpig I was delighted to say the least. My love for Robinson’s ‘Flimflammery‘ (amazing word, right?) only grew stronger as I perused his collection of prints, illustration, and cards on etsy. As well as his beautifully illustrated dog/alphabet book ‘M is for Mutt & Other Tails‘ which:

[quote style=”1″]takes a humorous look at a variety of the dogs we know and love. From Airedale to Xolo, you’ll meet a whole pack of pups, including a Batman-loving Boston Terrier, indulgent French Poodle, and regal Welsh Corgi. With this book you can bring them all home without needing a pooper-scooper. [/quote]

m is for mutt bill robinson e is for english bulldog bill robinson english bulldog bill robinson s is for schnauzer bill robinson schnauzer bill robinson m is for mutt back cover bill robinson

All of Bill Robinson’s creatures (canine or otherwise) are well-worth viewing, and I look forward to following his work to come!

Artist’s ‘About Me’:

I’m a 27 year old designer and animator living in Berkeley, CA. Once upon a time I was a Film major at RIT, where I learned all sorts of things about movies and animation. I even made a slew of films while I was there. Since college I’ve worked in animation, illustration, books, and video games. I’m currently a Lead Artist at Kabam, where I help create social massively multiplayer online games.

I love meeting other artists, so please feel free to drop me a tweet on Twitter or look me up on the Facebooks. If you live in the Bay Area there’s a good chance you can find me at the next SketchcrawlAPE, or Purrcasso. Or simply email me if that’s your thing.

You can also view my resume if you want to hire me for something!

For even more Flimflammery check out Bill Robinson’s:

Website: Flimflammery: Arts by Bill Robinson

Twitter: @Flimflammery

Etsy: Flimflammery Shop

Facebook: Flimflammery


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