Lovable, But Not Giftable: What Not To Give Your Valentine

Cosmo (the magazine) continues its advice-giving tradition with a healthy reminder that dogs are NOT good gifts… Take it from someone who’s seen way to many dogs at shelters named Nöel, Santa, or Cupid- a dog is much more work than any romantic gesture should entail!

Right before Christmas we heard rumors that Prince William was planning to buy his new wife Kate a puppy for the holiday. And it looks like the reports were true: Will and Kate were recently spotted taking a stroll on a beach in North Wales with an adorable black four-legged friend trotting at their feet.

No doubt Kate loved her present—she was photographed smiling as the little one sloshed through the wet sand. And for them it’s no biggie if Will sprung this present on her because, hello, as normal as they are, we’re pretty sure they probably have someone on staff who can train the dog so Kate doesn’t have to be the one to clean up the wee wee pads.

But for the rest of us, the Humane Society recommends that you don’t buy a pet for your S.O. without talking about it first to be sure they’re up for the task. Of course, plenty of people have bought pets as a gift and it’s worked out great, but it’s definitely a risk.

Still want to get your man a puppy for Valentine’s Day? Talk it over with him first to make sure he’s really ready to take on the extra work that goes into a pooch. It’s good to let your guy actually pick out the dog, too, to make sure they have the right bond. If he’s dying to get one, surprise him with a cute dog bowl, collar, and leash. You can also make an appointment with a local breeder in advance or buy him a Petfinder Pet Promise certificate, which will let him choose any breed from Petfinder.com.

You can still pick up the tab at the end of the day. Trust us, your guy will be seriously amped.

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