Puppies In Hand by Sharon Montrose

Talented commercial photographer Sharon Montrose captures puppies at their precious palm-sized state in a piece entitled “Puppies In Hand.”
Puppies In Hand by Sharon Montrose

photo: Sharon Montrose

For more of Montrose’s amazing work check out her blog, and be sure to stop by The Animal Print Shop to see the amazing range of creatures she has captured (and perhaps take one home for yourself)!

About the Artist:

I’m a commercial photographer and author specializing in animals, kids, and babies. I shoot for ad agencies, design firms, magazines, and book publishers. I also sell prints from my animal series. I’m not above reality TV and I can smell french fries from a mile away.


animal prints: theanimalprintshop.com
website: sharonmontrose.com
twitter: twitter.com/sharonmontrose
stock: gettyimages.com
personal project: dogphotobooth.com
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