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Smush-faced dogs need to stick together…so Batpig and I were psyched to come across the new beautified iBostonTerrier.com– a well-designed website dedicated to all things Boston Terrier. Not only is it a great resource for the BT lover/owner/fan, but it also gives you the opportunity to submit your own material and share your bouncing bundle of joy with the world!

For more fun with iBostonTerrier you can check them out on facebook, and twitter as well!


Hi, I’m Adam and I run/own iBostonTerrier.com. Being a Boston Terrier is a unique experience as these dogs are one of the more unique breeds. Referred to as clown dogs, their personality and facial expressions are enough to make any bad day seem good again. When I was young, my cousin had a Boston Terrier and as I watched the amazing dog grow, I fell in love with the breed. Now, we have Sophie, the most perfect dog on this planet. My fiancé and I started iBostonTerrier.com to be the online hub for all things Boston Terriers. This includes news about the breed, health tips, and user submissions. The site has grown into such an amazing Boston Terrier community and I see only big things for this site. I encourage everyone to share their Boston Terrier with us and anything else you think belongs on this website.

Thanks for stopping by. Here’s our family photo:

iBostonTerrier.com – Boston Terrier News – Health – Photos – Videos.

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