French Bulldog- Mr. Quiggly To Steal Super Bowl Spotlight!

The Super Bowl is bringing big-time bulldog buzz with the promise of a Frenchie, Mr. Quiggly, to be featured in an ad for Sketchers new GOrun shoes. And, word is, the commercial has the perfect formula for media attention beyond the 30 second ad spot!

French Bulldog Sketchers Ad

Bleacher Report’s Timothy Rapp noted:

“This commercial has everything going for it. Pregame controversy, obvious Kim Kardashian jokes, Mark Cuban, and a French bulldog wearing a track suit and red shoes!”

Barry Janoff of BigLeagueSports had a Q & A with Sketchers Fitness Group president Leanoard Armato who spoke to some controversy surrounding the use of animals in the ad:


Mark Cuban with Mr. Quiggly

BLS: Skechers also is getting attention for the ad from groups trying to protect greyhounds and outlaw greyhound racing. How is the company handling that?

LA: We at Skechers are certainly animal lovers. We had the Humane Society on the set during the filming of the commercial. They wrote a letter confirming that everything was done to their standards. No dogs were harmed at all during the filming. I know that the activists haven’t seen the spot so they don’t know what they’re protesting against. The spot is not so much about glamorizing greyhound racing as really showcasing the indomitable spirit of an underdog who achieves something remarkable.

According to Business Wire’s TheStreet:

“Mr. Quiggly steps into the spotlight as the representative of SKECHERS’ underdog image in the performance arena. The new campaign stars Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and will use humor to illustrate how SKECHERS now produces performance footwear that’s exceeding expectations and impressing runners and athletes everywhere. SKECHERS will run its spot in the coveted position right before the two minute warning in the first half of the game.”


Q&A: Skechers Hits The Ground Running For Super Bowl XLVI With Cunning, Cuban, Controversy

A French Bulldog Named Mr. Quiggly Stars In The Upcoming Skechers GOrun Super Bowl Campaign With Mark Cuban. (Photo: Business Wire) – TheStreet.

Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Mr. Quiggly the French Bulldog Will Steal the Show

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