Uggie The Dog Charms at Golden Globes

Finally what Batpig and Me have always known to be true comes to light on the red carpet…dogs are way more interesting than humans!

Uggie, Dog from The Artist, Steals the Show at Golden Globes

Uggie the Dog

Uggie the Dog - Janet Gough

At Sunday’s Golden Globes, George Clooney couldn’t hold a candle to the newest sensation in Hollywood: Uggie.

With charm and presence that belies his petite frame, Uggie – the canine star of the awards season favorite, The Artist – reduced a seen-it-all industry crowd to a chorus of awws.

When The Artist won best picture comedy or musical, and the film’s cast and crew ascended the stage at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, producer Thomas Langmann took to the microphone to begin his acceptance speech. Attentions were quickly diverted, however, to a pair of hopping legs on the periphery.

Actor Jean Dujardin, who also took home a Golden Globe for best performance by an actor in a comedy or musical, accompanied his on-screen pet to the stage, leading him in one of the central tricks of the film: where Uggie gets “shot,” falls down and plays dead.

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