Stickers Up, Spam Down: DuckDuckGo Sticker Store by Sticker Mule


Here is something I love: stickers. Here is something I hate: spam. What follows is, thus, a beautiful thing…

ddg-logo-tallDuckDuckGo (DDG), for those who haven’t heard, is a search engine for keyboard ninjas – one that is all about letting you get the answers you’re looking for without the hassle of spam and clutter, and all while effortlessly keeping you and your information private. No need to take my word for it, though, it has received rave reviews from all around the web.

StickerMule (don’t even get me started on how much I love what they do) has teamed up with DDG to release a fun-filled sticker pack (all classy and vinyl) that will have you decorating the world in no time, and leaving a trail of proof that you were in the know from the start when it comes to the next big thing in sleuthing on the web!


DuckDuckGo Sticker Store – Sticker Mule.

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