Frenchie-Fied Bulldog Books: Last Minute Shopping & Free Shipping

Stockings still not hung by the chimney with care? Don’t worry- the Batpig has compiled a great list of books sure to bring a smile to any French Bulldog lover’s face (and that you can still get shipped to your door for free before the big day comes). Batpig’s Frenchie-Fied Bulldog Books range from children’s stories, to artistic photographs, and even kennel club classics (and are all under $30 to boot)!

The collection includes:

Frenchie Kisses by Amanda Jones Glamour Dogs by Catherine Ledner sorry i pooped in your shoe by Jeremy Greenberg

Salty Dogs by Jean M Fogel French Bulldogs Lightweights Littermates by Judith Choate alfreds nose by vivienne flesher

…and more! So check out Batpig’s Frenchie-Fied Bulldog Books

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