Celebrity Frenchies: Shaun White and Rambo

X-Games and Olympic champion Shaun White has another credential to add to his résumé of awesome: Rambo– his fawn, black-masked French Bulldog. And from the sound, and looks of it, stars (and their dogs) really are just like us. White, like many Frenchie owners, seems to have fallen for that lovable smushed face, and for the breed in general- auctioning off an autographed shirt (below) with Rambo’s face on it to benefit the French Bulldog Rescue Network in 2010.
Shaun White French Bulldog Rambo Autographed Shirt

Back when White was still a new daddy in 2008, the team over at shaunwhite.com got a chance to sit down and interview our buddy Rambo:shaun-white-rambo-2008

SW.com: So, you pretty much have hit the jackpot huh!

Rambo: Yeah, totally, life is great! One day I am sniffing other dog’s butts and today, I am just chilling by the pool all day!

SW.com: How is Shaun as an owner?

Rambo: He is the man. When he is home it rules! We just head out to the beach and run around, and then we go skating together, it is pretty rad!

SW.com: How did you guys meet?

Rambo: Well, there I was just got out of my second stint in rehab. I had been dating Amy Winehouse on and off, but the relationship just wasn’t going anywhere. I was wondering down Muscle Beach and there was Shaun, bench-pressing 900 lbs and well, it was love at first bark!

SW.com: What is the best part of your day?

Rambo: When Shaun gets home and I can chill on his lap!

via Shaun White-Meet RAMBO!

People magazine reporter Johnny Dodd caught up with the pair for his 2010 ‘What’s More Awesome Than Shaun White’s Gold Medals? His Dog Rambo!’:

shaun-white-rambo-peoplepets“He likes to sunbathe,” says White, peering underneath his table at an outdoor café in Los Angeles earlier this week. Stretched out beside his black sneakers is his snoring 2-year-old French bulldog, soaking up rays.

“He’s so mellow, it’s funny,” White adds, whipping out his iPhone and scrolling through a half dozen snapshots of Rambo like a proud parent. “Check out the sweater he was running at the Olympics …”

via peoplepets.com

 Batpig & Me definitely approve! This is one famous frenchie we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for on the streets and on the slopes this winter!

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