The Austrian Club for French Bulldogs: The Ultimate Guide to Frog Dogs of the Past

I was introduced to the Austrian French Bulldog Club (Österr Club Für Französische Bulldoggen) when its Chairman, Dr. Hannes Pramer, was kind enough to fill me in on the history behind the Flock of Frenchies photo first posted here about a month ago as part of our Frog Dogs of the Past series.


Annemarie Schmidt

According to Pramer, the lucky lady was one:

“Mrs. Annemarie Schmidt, the oldest breeder and member in the “Austrian Club for French Bulldogs”…Her kennelname (which she got from her mother) is the world famous “Von Leesdorf”.”


The relatively young club (founded in 1987)  provides resources for today’s Austrian-based breed-related activities, as well as insight into the rich history of French Bulldogs in Austria which dates back to the late 1890’s.


Time and time again I find that language barriers mean little when it comes to sharing in the love of our funny little breed. And while we’re still pretty sure there are no batpigs on the European continent (perhaps Fledermaus-Schwein in Austria?) we definitely love learning about French Bulldogs all around the globe!

Gertrude Edle von Humbourg with "Mohrli dernier cri", Vienna, 1917.

Gertrude Edle von Humbourg with "Mohrli dernier cri", Vienna, 1917.

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