Jason Schwartzman & French Bulldog Arrow – Celebrity Pups

Wes Anderson’s Rushmore is easily one of my ten favorite movies, and the HBO series Bored to Death is growing on me quickly, but toss a Frenchie into the mix and my love of Jason Schwartzman is officially sky high!


Actor and musician, Jason Schwartzman, known for his role as Max Fischer in the 1998 film Rushmore with Bill Murray just got a whole lot cooler.  He has an adorable pied French bulldog—Arrow (named after Harry Nilsson’s song “Me and My Arrow”).

Jason Schwartzman and French Bulldog Arrow

Jason Schwartzman has had roles in several character driven films including: Darjeeling Limited, Spun and Shopgirl. His Mom is actress Talia Shire (Coppola), his uncle is Francis Ford Coppola, and his cousins include Nicolas Cage and Sofia Coppola.  His sophomore album, “Davy”, was released this past January and Arrow has a cameo in the Microphone video.  He also performs the musical score in his new film, Funny People

via Jason Schwartzman & French Bulldog Arrow on FrenchieSpace

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