December’s First Fido Friday

A very happy fido friday from Batpig & Me to all of our friends out there. We have so many new pals we are excited to share with you all, and this week we wanted introduce you to some of our new non-Frenchie canine facebook pals!
From top left: Spike Taylor, Boodapug*, Sprocket the Rocket, Bunk the Pug**, the Misfit Witch & My Pug Stitch***, Piggy Puppy and Teddy Too, Noodle the Disabled Dachshund,  Devin “Longbody” Bradford, the Bully Sisters Stella and Zelda plus Bella the Shorkie, Holly Noodles, Team Mia, and Taz & Aja 
*@boodapug,; **@BunkthePugBunk Blog; ***


For even more of our favorite furry friends check out the Fido Friday Barkives! And, if you’re already up there let us know if you have twitter, facebook, or blog info you’d like us to add to your info!

As always, let us know if you, or a canine pal would like to see your fuzzy mug in an upcoming Frenchie or Fido Friday via comments here, our Facebook Page, or @batpigandme on Twitter.

Stubby tail wags and face licks,

~Batpig & Me~

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