Famous (Fictional) Frenchie: Heath Ledger of American Dad

As a dog (batpig writing here) I can’t say I fully grasp why my human would to watch a show with so little canine action, but in the many hours I’ve spent in the crook of her elbow watching American Dad I have found one major bark-worthy character: Heath Ledger.

Allegedly there was a two-legged actor by the same name, but this flattened French Bulldog is the owner of news anchors Greg and Terry. And I think they do a pretty good job of being a Frenchie’s human- hose baths (yuck), sweaters (yay), walks (double yay). Either way I’m just happy I’ve finally figured out why my lady bothers to watch a show that’s not on NatGeo!

Heath Ledger is Greg and Terry’s pet French bulldog, who was named after the now-dead Oscar-winning Australian actor. In Lincoln Lover he had a cold and was wearing a sweater.” –American Dad Wikia

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