Cool Blue: Bully-Bodied-Friendly Aparrel

Forget Black Friday, the Batpig is declaring this Cool Blue Tuesday for his holiday gift guide. Frenchies can be tough customers to clothe, but Cool Blue Apparel is designed for the crazy curves we love in our hard-to-fit furry friends (inspired by blue-eyed bulldog Bruiser). Your bully will be styling no matter what- biker-chic one day, covert camo the next…



Now the Batpig just has to decide what colors really make his squishy face pop because we love them all!

About Cool Blue:

cool-blueCool Blue was created so that hard to fit breeds such as English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Pugs can enjoy wearing “cool” clothes, much like their smaller breed friends! Stylish, well fitting clothes for broad-chested Bulldogs and Pugs, as well as many other breeds, are almost impossible to find. Let’s face it, pet owners enjoy dressing their pups in clothes that complement their own style- a denim jean jacket, a studded motorcycle jacket, and of course, the essential for this season, the military jacket!!!  You wear clothes that reflect your personal style, why shouldn’t your dog!!

The inspiration behind Cool Blue Dog Apparel is our adorable English Bulldog, Bruiser! As you may have guessed, Bruiser has one blue eye and is a very cool character!  He is quite stylish and gets tons of attention in his black studded motorcycle jacket!!

Cool Blue Dog Apparel is produced exclusively in the Garment Center in NYC!! We believe in the superior quality of garments made in the USA and we think you will agree when you see American craftsmanship at work in our clothing.

We hope you like what we have to offer!!


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