Outsidepeg: Modern Dog Art

Outsidepeg artist Kari Egan has a keen eye both for design, and for the idiosyncratic nuggets that make each dog breed unique. Her tagline series is ‘designed to make you laugh,’ and it’s mission accomplished as far as I’m concerned. Her prints, magnets and custom portraits would make great gifts for any dog’s human! Also be sure to see the latest releases by checking out the outsidepeg blog.

Fawn French Bulldog Print - Comedy Central

Fawn French Bulldog Magnet - Faces SeriesBlack French Bulldog Print - Somebody Farted

“Modern French Bulldog art prints and magnets. Great gifts for French Bulldog owners and lovers.”

About Outsidepeg’s Modern Dog Art:

Modern Dog art that makes you smile.

Outsidepeg is a shop for dog lovers and their friends. Specializing in modern dog art prints, custom dog portraits and modern dog magnets, we regularly introduce new dog designs so check back often. Don’t see your favorite breed here? Please let us know – your dog could be our next art model!

Modern dog art.

Outsidepeg’s dog art has been covered in the New York Daily News and dog blogs all over the world. Every design and tagline is created by me, Kari Egan. Each and every order ships directly from my art studio.

Enjoy the dogs,


French Bulldog Art – Outsidepeg Modern Dog Art.

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