Ozzy: King of Kings and Fuzziest of Frenchies

20Oz/365 What?Yawn!Down

For Batpig & Me it was love at first sight! The sideward glances, exaggerated yawns, those baby seal eyes- add to that the incredible talent of owner/photographer Elaine Dudzinski and every photograph of the effervescent French Bulldog, Ozzy, just becomes unbearably captivating. Lucky for us there are lots of them! Dudzinski, flickr’s Lainey1, is now on her third year of 365 Days of Ozzy projects. And, we have to say, Ozzy may be growing up, but cute just never gets old…


In addition to being a fabulous subject for Dudzinski, and doing what Frenchies do best (be adora-bully), Ozzy is also a four-legged supermodel! If you are interested in purchasing Ozzy pictures or use him on TV or modeling gigs, they can contact Elaine at lainer@mac.com.

About Ozzy:

He was born on May 13th, 2009, which makes him a Taurus. His name is Ozzy, after Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness. (We also call him Ozymandias, king of kings, and Asiago Cheese!).

About Elaine Dudzinski:

Music fanatic.

I weight lift.
I’m an introvert, trying to become an extrovert.
I love photography.

I love dogs, (my favorite animal!!). I owned an Australian Cattle Dog. She was 14 1/2 yrs old when she died in May 2008.. Check my pics out. She was a sweet dog. I miss her terribly.

10-05-93 til 05-10-08

I now have a French Bulldog puppy in my life named “Ozzy”, because he has bat-like ears. We call him the “Prince Of Darkness.”


My favorite subject to shoot is dogs. I have so many slides and negatives of dogs and horses, but no scanner to show them to you at this point.

I love Nikon, Macintosh & Photoshop. I love Leica.

I play guitar and piano. I sing. Love Sinatra.

I’m doing 365 projects…again. Please check out my 365 set or my 365 group


I have a blog called ZenDog.

I’m also on MySpace. I’m ZenGirlie. Ask to be my friend, and say you’re from flickr.I have a Tribute Page for my dog Tillie on My Space as well. Ask to be a friend to see it.

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