Frenchie Friday Facebook Style


You’ll have to forgive any faux-pas (or paws) as this is our first attempt at doing Fido/Frenchie Friday Facebook style. Batpig & Me have been enjoying meeting new furry friends on FB, and wanted to introduce you to just a few of them (from top left): Hampton, Stella, Scully, FrenchieSpace, Jake the Frenchie, Ace the Amazing Bathound, Sophie the Princess, Angel & Tubby and French Bulldog Rocco!

For fab twittering frenchies and dogs of all kinds check out the Fido Friday Barkives, and please let us know if we can include your facebook page with your twitter, and vice versa!

As always, let us know if you, or a canine pal would like to see your fuzzy mug in an upcoming Frenchie or Fido Friday via comments here, our Facebook Page, or @batpigandme on Twitter.

Stubby tail wags and face licks,

Batpig & Me

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