Wish Conversion Chart

The Wish List (A Handy Conversion Chart)
Wish conversion is one of those things I imagine many people have thought of but few have taken the time to commit to paper. And, who among us can discount a need to know the going rate for wishes these days? This handy-dandy chart by Spacesick (né Mitch) is just the tip of his artistic iceberg which is chock-full of the random delights and serious punnery. Slap-bracelets are involved, so I’ve been won over big time. Keep up the good work dude! Batpig and me are loving it.

About Spacesick:



I pity the fool who don’t eat Mr. T cereal!

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spacesick/

Blog:  http://spacesick.blogspot.com/

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