Founder’s Ride – A Scooter/Party Bonanza

Scooters Go Green is the South Boston-based scooter dealer where I acquired my latest love (second, of course, to the batpig), my Buddy 170i. I can’t even begin to describe what a pleasure the past few months, and 800 some odd miles have been, but suffice it to say I am very grateful both to the Steves at SGG as well as Genuine Scooter Company for making this remarkable two-wheeled beast.

Long of the short- Saturday, October 29th, 2k11 is going to be a date to remember as it will be a Ride to Remember, and a chance to meet the mind behind Genuine, President Philip McCaleb. Scooting around to be followed by a free party…could things get any better?

Meet Genuine Scooter Company’s President Phillip McCaleb.

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