Ergonomics for Dogs: Hanging feeders from These Creatures

These Creatures gorgeous eco, design and dog-friendly feeders are the product of animal-loving siblings Andrew and Amy Finkel.

French Bulldog Hanging Feeder


by Julie Knapp on August 31, 2010 in NEWS & CULTURE


Have you ever watched a dog eating and wondered if she was uncomfortable craning her neck to get every last bit of kibble? “Ah, but she’s just a dog,” you might say. “Surely, dogs can handle eating from the floor!” But when I stumbled across These Creatures‘ amazing Designer Hanging Feeders, I had to wonder if my dog deserved a new dining nook.

And yes, dogs are dogs, but some pet experts say that elevated bowls help canines reduce strain to their neck and back muscles and joints. Young nothing-can-stop-’em pups may not need to be pampered with a special ergonomic feeder. Older dogs that struggle with painful arthritis, or bigger dogs that really have to stretch their neck to reach the floor may have a stronger case for beggin’ for a fancy new bowl.

elevated dog bowl, These Creatures pit bull bowl

Either way, These Creatures get our vote for an ergonomic elevated feeder. These beautiful made-in-the-USA feeders aren’t propped up on posts or a platform. Instead they hang on the wall. This means that if you don’t mind hanging and re-hanging the bowl a couple of times, you can change the height depending on your dog’s growth, or to accommodate any new furry friends that may join your family in the future. No need to toss the bowl just because it’s not properly sized for your pooch anymore!

The contraptions are made from 12-gauge steel and come with removable stainless steel bowls. You can choose from five different color choices and 46 different breeds from a Basenji to a Yorkie, including the French bulldog and pit bull designs shown above. If you don’t see your favorite breed or a doppelgänger for your mutt, stay tuned. These Creatures are currently working on a list of more than 10 additions to its collection.

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More about ‘These Creatures’:

These Creatures is a metal fabrication and design studio focused on producing quality, sustainable products for the
modern creature. It is owned and operated by brother / sister team: Andrew Finkel and Amy Finkel. Andrew, whose background lies in custom furniture and retail design, founded these creatures in 2008, and is its current president and creative director. In 2009, Andrew welcomed his Brooklyn blood relation, Amy, to join as web designer/developer and marketing director. There is no sibling rivalry between them but it probably doesn’t hurt that Andrew and his shop, where all These Creatures products are designed and manufactured, is located in the Seattle area, 3000 miles away from sis Amy. It’s the perfect cross-country partnership!
At These Creatures we strive to produce innovative, unique and creative products of the highest quality. Currently,
we provide an ergonomic and durable line for stylish animals and humans everywhere. Our designs are sleek  pieces of art that complement modern decor. We produce products for dogs, cats, wildlife and humans. Our commitment to animals extends beyond our business. Everyone at These Creatures is personally involved in animal rescue, and a percentage of our profits goes to the support of animal rescue organizations that make the world a better place for animals and those who love them.
Our product lines:
For the home, garden & office:

Bookends, wall hooks, key hook/charging stations, magazine racks, business card holders, holiday ornaments, garden fences & bird feeders.
For the modern creature:

Leash hooks, standing feeders & hanging feeders.
With sustainability in mind, our products are designed and manufactured under one roof, and waste is minimized as each product is produced to order. The longevity of our products is considered in both the construction and timeless designs, and each product is meant for a lifetime of use. Each line is fabricated out of 12-gauge steel and
powder coated for durability. Our lines come in up to 6 colors (color combinations are product-specific): Limesicle,
Coral, Parakeet, Charcoal, Pearl and Pink. Our designer (breed-specific) and deluxe hanging and standing feeders
for dogs and cats are the perfect dining solution for the modern animal. We’ve elevated all of our feeders’ bowls off of the floor, in order to create an ergonomic dining experience for them. Raised feeders facilitate better health for dogs by aiding in digestion and reducing back and neck pain. Each feeder also includes removable stainless bowls that rest on a rubber ring for silent dining, and all of our hanging products secure firmly to the wall and come with matching hardware.

We’ve also created complimentary designs in all of our home and garden products so that it’s easy to integrate and accessorize a pet’s environment with one’s home seamlessly.

Please contact us with any questions about our products.
Andrew Finkel & Amy Finkel
These Creatures / 425.212.9262

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