Mega Frenchie Friday: 16 Fabulous Frog-Dog Friends

So many fuzzy friends, we thought we’d mega-size this week’s ‘Frenchie Friday’!

From top left: @bulldog2mama, @Basil_Guinnessb, @PeanutPopovits, @2Frenchies2Cute, @lpzbuzz, @VAMOS_GOMEZ, @kakalovetenten, @fransoir0806, @PuppySimone, @gontetsuo, @SnafflesCuisine, @rafabulldogs, @Fu714Ryu429, @tsubuconette_dg, @setonaruto, and @yamashitakaoru.

We love all our furry twitter pals, so if you think we’ve forgotten you (we’re sorry) and be sure to bark at us so we remember to include you in our frenchie/fido fridays to come!


Batpig & Me


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