My Name is Nöel

My Japanese being what it is (illiterate) I can’t totally tell if Nöel is the adorable Buhi (French Bulldog in Japan), or the owner, but something adorable is going on, so what me worry…

I’m assuming the rad graphic design credit goes to the human in the mix. The navigation, the background, the favicon- everything on this site, as well as in the twitter world @hotpotato is given just enough of a twist to make it stand out from the rest. Batpig and I approve!


About Nöel:

Real name: I forgot to somewhere pedigree 
born 2008/12/23, Blood Type: unknown (or some?) from Kyoto. French Bulldog Plaza Toka I put information on relatives

Features: Petite French Bulldog. Weighing 9.3 ~ 5kg.Wispy brown hair is almost white and back, violently in contact with anyone over Itadaitara testimonials, aka attention whore, get on the wrong side of various Wanko. Bark usually (sometimes bark if excited After playing)

Hobbies: Walking, nap 
Personality: gentle with a bright and lively. In a friendly way, like a dog and his dog. Also like herons and pigeons. 
Favorite Food: omnivore. Food anything into the mouth. If you force out Super Gold Fish & Potato … staple of forest milk. Kiri cheese does not have eyes. 
Hate that: rumba, taken up a bed, shower and sea (the river is OK)

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Published on Sep 25, 2011
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