Matchola Monsters

I love this twist on the old it could be worse addage for Matchola’s Under the Wrong Bed (above):
No matter how many monsters are under your bed, you can always summon a scarier one.
Matchola is another flickr-found über talent whose work has me drooling with envy. I love his mad mashups of the cute, the bad, and the ugly (you know, cute ugly). His guitar-toting David sitting atop a boomboxing Goliath is adorable. He’s just got a twist on everything that is artistic and editorial. Mad props to Matchola!
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Matchola-Made, a gallery on Flickr.

matchola’s photostream on Flickr.

Artist’s About (it’s in Spanish, but I didn’t want to take any translation rights):

Matheus Muniz, mais conhecido como Matchola, é um Ilustrador e estudante de Design Gráfico que vive em Manaus. Seus desenhos misturam sentimentos e costumes humanos com um mundo de monstros e cenários mágicos.


Twitter: @matcholaa

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