Viewmaster Dribble Shot by Greg Christman


Of late I’ve been feeling quite nostalgic for my viewmaster days of yore, so I was particularly stoked to see more of Greg Christman’s impressive dribbling work in all its photo-slide-viewing goodness this week! The typography’s pretty rad to boot!

For more of Greg’s imaginative illustration check out Greg Christman Design, check out his tumblings (tumblr-ings?), or stalk him on twitter. To learn more about the PhilaMade project, check out, well, the PhilaMade project.

Artist’s About:

Greg Christman is a designer & illustrator based out of Philadelphia. He is writing this bio in the 3rd person & just said “I’m awesome.” Drop him a line … maybe you guys could work together on something radical!

via Dribbble – Show & Tell 3 by Greg Christman.

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