husqvarna e-go electric bike

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husqvarna e-go electric bike

the ‘husqvarna e-go’ electric motorcycle concept

presented at the frankfurt motor show 2011, the ‘e-go’ electric bicycle is a prototype by italy-based

manufacturers husqvarna, conceptualized as a human-powered  alternative to electric motorcycles.

weighing 80-kilograms (176 pounds), the ‘e-go’ is a single-seater designed for urban commuters and first-time bikers.

it retains the side panels and styling of the company’s motorcycle models, in a single-sided double pipe front end design

that features 17-inch aluminum wheels.  described as ‘self-supporting’, the seat is central to an streamlined and aggressive-looking

but nonetheless seemingly freefloating profile that stretches towards the rear of the bike.

the company has not yet released details on expected cost or availability.

3/4 rear view

3/4 compressed front view


front view


detail, handlebars

detail, chain and rear sprocket


via husqvarna e-go electric bike.

Published on Sep 15, 2011
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