HTML5 Sites that Inspire

via 10 inspiring HTML5 sites you really should see. – Webdistortion.

Webdistortion (Paul Anothony) does it again. Another great roundup of inspiring resources tapping into the latest technologies. My favorites include:



Bifter is an SVG Comic that also utilises HTML5, CSS3 and RDFa as well as remaining screenreader friendly. Best of all, it has a throw back to my childhood making a cameo appearance in one of the issues. Desperate Dan. This, along with the clever code running alongside it make it a must view HTML5 website for any budding developer.

20 things I learned


Created by a number of developers– this HTML5 application provides an interactive book, built in javascript and HTML that actually allows you to turn the pages as if it were a real book.  Try flipping through a couple of pages for a read, then come back – and you can pick up where you left off. This is how e-books are meant to be. Beautiful.


Adobe ExpressiveWeb


Adobe’s expressive web page showcases some of the capabilities of HTML5, including a few quirky animations which you’ll have fun playing with. The site also includes resources for developers and underlines their commitment to the technology as we wave a slow goodbye to Flash.

But, heck, go find your own favorites! via WebDistortion

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