Don’t Do It Yourself: When and How to Get Help with Your DIY Projects

Don't do it yourselfOk, so as it were this addresses a part of my brain I’m pretty sure was just never installed… I love instructables, I love make, I love home depot and radio shack more than any person really should… Alas, yes, I do often find myself investing way more time, energy, and money in some of my projects than can be justified by the learning experience alone. Not to mention, something I should learn how to do myself is prioritize….

As always, Adam Dachis and Lifehacker help to find the perfect balance:

Doing it yourself is great, but you don’t always have the tools or the time for every project on your list. When you can’t go it alone, here’s how to get help getting your projects done.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t embrace DIY whenever possible, try to learn new skills in the process, and reap the benefits of creating for yourself. The problem is, DIY doesn’t always fall within the realm of reality. Realistically, you can’t always do it yourself because, for example, you don’t have the proper equipment, one of the skills required would take more than a few weekends to learn, or the cost of purchasing the necessary materials is just counterproductive when you need only a small amount. When you hit the wall of limitations on DIY, you can still DDIY, or Don’t Do It Yourself.

The idea of DDIY isn’t to say you ought to go out and buy pre-made stuff as an alternative to DIY. Most of us don’t need any further encouragement to be consumers rather than makers. The idea of DDIY is to turn to your available resources to help you make what you want to make and not abandon a project because you hit a brick wall. It’s about working together and doing it with others and not just yourself… Read on


Don’t Do It Yourself: When and How to Get Help with Your DIY Projects.

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