A New Muse (Adobe Muse)

WebDistortion does it again! Paul Anthony (unbeknownst to him) has become my total go-to resource for all of those tools and resources out there for web design and development that I wish I bookmarked/had stored in one place/could remember where I put them.

Adobe Muse, which is apparently a code name, (see WebDistortion’s article: “Adobe Muse lets you create without coding” for all the details) sounds like an incredible tool for the Graphic Designer who doesn’t have a web dev to hand things off to easily, or someone (like myself) who are happy hand-coding in HTML/CSS etc., but are still getting their sea legs in terms of the latest and greatest with HTML5 and CSS3!

AdobeTV has a whole bevy of Feature Tours etc. but this one gives a pretty solid overview:

Or, of course, you could just check out the MusePrerelease if you’re cool enough and have access (I don’t!) But now the rest of us can now download it at muse.adobe.com

I’ll definitely be giving it a whirl!

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