A Sea-side Scoot?

I know this seems out of left field, but I’m trying to get some scooter lovers together for a fun ride while the weather’s still nice in Massachusetts, so on the off off chance anyone who fits the bill should stumble upon this page I’ve posted the details below!

From Boston Scoots Meetup Group

Hey everyone, I took a great ride a couple of weekends ago from Marblehead (where I live) to Gloucester, and figured the more the merrier and, heck, I’d love the company! As it turns out Mad Maps (who I am not affiliated with at all, I just really like their iPhone app…yeah I shelled out the 99cents, because I’m a baller like that) has a whole “Nautical Gloucester” Loop that starts and ends in Boston.

You can check it out for free here: Mad Maps- Boston: Get Outta Town

The whole loop is 111 miles, and I made some revisions to stick to as many back roads as possible, but I thought it could serve as a starting point for figuring something fun out! Also, it would be easy for people (such as myself) to join up along the way if we played our cards right.


Anyway, hit me up with ideas, questions, comments, snide remarks- whatever! Happy trails everyone!




Not that it makes me any less sketchy, but on various motorcycle forums I’m often accused of being an old man (which, if true, I am unaware of) so here are some pics since I went with my favorite photo from Spanner’s Lambretta book for my icon:

On the beloved Roughhouse in DC:

On my beloved Dakar- sold to a home with a less worried mother than mine own!

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