Kitten Mittens and Buff Stuff

Buff Stuff: kitten mittens.
Batpig buffing - a montage

I got a pretty severe second degree sunburn on my hands during a friend’s wedding ceremony in Reno.

Upon my return to Massachusetts I got a new scooter, making playing outside even more appealing than usual.

With temperatures rising I was faced with the question of how to beat the heat without making my burn even worse?

Answer: kitten mittens… (in the form of the Original Buffs!)

In addition to scooting about in these bad boys I also wore them while I was sleepig to keep from scratching the burn (safety-mitten style).

I may have looked crazy walking the togs with arm warmers on, but the burn’s getting better!

They also came in quite handy when the Batpig, Toad and I got caught in a downpour!

Buff Stuff: kitten mittens.Batpig buffing - a montageBatpig Buffs UpBatpig BUff

Buff Stuff, a set on Flickr.

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