About: the Batpig Code

Perhaps this is something that happens with all French Bulldogs, or maybe it’s “batpig-specific”, but the batpig and I are constantly asked [rhetorically, of course] “D’ya know what he looks like? A(n) [insert any creature other than a dog here].”

Frankly, we think the batpig’s otherworldliness is part of his charm, and take no offense to the ever growing list of suggested dopplegangers! It’s just a fascinating trend, and the list seems to be endless! Thus, we thought it might be fun to try to keep track of this burgeoning cast of characters…after all, if they look like the batpig, then they’re probably pretty darn adorable!

We’d love to hear your suggestions and comments so we can get one step closer to solving the mystery of the batpig phenotype, aka: the Batpig Code…

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