16 Rockin’ Frog Dog Twitter Icons

I am constantly impressed by the creativity of some of our frenchie friends on twitter. Here is just a sample of some of our furry pals who are worth following even just to see they’re faces pop up in your stream…

Starting at top left: @mrsclutch, @paulushyu, @tattooedpooch, @clyde_with_a_y, (second row) @luckyoso, @ma_me_daifuku, @mametas, @motoy, (third row) @daviechan, @divekim, @gerushiasworld @gonz0604, (bottom row), @aiko_pegg, @buhix, @_extraheavy, @kkbrand

There are lots more out there that I plan on featuring, feel free to contact us with any suggestions!


Batpig & Me

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