6 Crazy Toothpaste Flavors

After writing about pet dental health month and reviewing some of the toothpaste options for dogs (poultry, beef, peanut butter etc.) I started thinking about experiments in human toothpaste flavors I’ve run into over the years. However, I was baffled by some of the toothpaste flavors I found while cruising the interweb… pink bubblegum, as it turns out, is just the tip of the iceberg. So, I give you:

6 crazy toothpaste flavors:

  1. Whiskey Tooth Paste

    apparently this one was featured in a 1961 issue of House & Garden Magazine. You know what they say about the 60’s…

    Whiskey Toothpaste

  2. Bacon Toothpaste

    I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised by this one, people do love their bacon, and @ArchieMcPhee does seem to truly have it all when it comes to the “things you never knew you needed” department. Personally however, I would draw the line before the bacon floss.

    Bacon Toothpaste

  3. Champagne Toothpaste

    Now this one I can get behind. As a happy coincidence, the same company also offers whiskey toothpaste.

    Champagne Toothpaste

  4. Pickle Toothpaste

    Also available in floss form…

    Pickle Toothpaste

  5. Cupcake Toothpaste

    I suppose we need something for the sweet-toothed brushers

    Cupcake Toothpaste

  6. Chocolate Toothpaste

    I guess it seems only logical, given the others, that Choco Loco should be a toothpaste flavor

    Chocolate Toothpaste

Call me boring, but I’ll be sticking with mint…

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