That’s It We Need to Go Shoping in Japan!

  Japanese Frenchies DO have more fun!

On the batpig’s christmas list…

via Vintage hoodies for batpigs? What more could a French Bulldog want?

Do Japanese Frenchies Have More Fun?

In a word? Yes! 10/12/27(mon)   P/O Hoodie SNOW ¥8400(tax in) スウェット地にニット地の雪柄をプリントした、見た目におもしろいフードパーカー。 via This is just one of a number of ALL FRENCH BULLDOG CLOTHING sites and designers I've found through our frog dog cousins of the east... Of course ...

Meet the Batpig

Batpig’s First Beauty Pagent! That's right! Our little batpig's in the "Say Cheese" contest being held by our friends over at Rugpisser. To vote you just click on the stars beneath the photos. Or, better yet, enter your own pooch ...

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