All You Need Is Dogs

From yet another talented artist on etsy, this piece by Boston artist Jillian Evelyn will certainly resonate with dog-lovers everywhere!

Frog Dogs of the Past: “Lucky Dog” Pinup 1958

Gil Elvgren (1914-1980) has been touted as the Great American Pinup artist. So, of course, it's no surprise that he'd toss a Frenchie in the mix. His "Lucky Dog" pinup from 1958 features two little beauties (yeah, we've decided the girl's pretty okay looking too)... Lucky Dog

Señor Picklesworth: a Mexican Chihuahua Who Draws A British Frenchie

I'd never have guessed that a chihuahua could capture the essence of Frenchie charm so well, but leave it to Señor picklesworth whose latest in his line of friends is a British French Bulldog named Mycroft, who was introduced to the world in late January: ...

Bully Art by Jeanne Balsam

This talented artist captures Frenchies and an assortment of other animals is a wide array of situations, from plays off of Monet's Lilly pads to frog dog ears popping out of cupcake tins! As the artist herself writes on : "Today my Bully Art focuses on just one ...

Frog Dogs of the Past: A 1952 Frenchie-Ful Magazine Cover

Rustica Magazine was clearly ahead of its time in the adorableness department What can I say? I love batpigs, and I love olden-timey things (I'm pretty sure oldentimey is a technical term used by prominent history scholars).

A Batpig-Bee!

I have to admit he didn't love those antennae... But even with those sad eyes, he's one beautiful bee!

Heart Stopper: Valentine 2k11

So, as some of you might know, I have had quite the love affair with construction paper and rubber cement over the years (and, no, I'm not talking about sniffing glue). This year I thought I would ...

Je T’Aime: Frenchie’s Say it Best Valentine by sycamorestreetpress

via Of course the Frenchie can best express it's love in it's native tongue! The Batpig is definitely my main squeeze! Did you remember your canine valentine?

A Flurry of Batpigs

He looks so concerned!

Frog Dogs of the Past: French Bulldog Postcard from 1915

  via "Ne laissez rein perdre, économisez votre tabac." Evidently nothing says "save your tobacco" like a farting Frenchie! Very cute drawing, and just a cool piece of memorabilia.

Bonjour/Au Revoir French Bulldog Prints by RetroWhale

via I love all of retrowhale's work, really amazing mixed media work. Of course, french bulldogs and motorcycles are two of my favorite things. We ...

Batpig in Bed (pillow hog)

    Comfy enough there pup? Who knew dogs needed pillows?

1940’s Vintage French Bulldog Ashtrays

via They're kind of bizarre looking, and I don't smoke, yet I'm oddly drawn to these vintage cuties. Surprise surprise, they were made in Japan (where I'm now convinced the streets are flowing with adorable French Bulldogs).

135th Westminster Dog Show Coming Up

via It's coming up on Monday and Tuesday and the batpig and toadface (my lab) are as excited as can be! If you haven't seen Christopher Guest's mockumentary "Best ...

6 Crazy Toothpaste Flavors

After writing about pet dental health month and reviewing some of the toothpaste options for dogs (poultry, beef, peanut butter etc.) I started thinking about experiments in human toothpaste flavors I've run into over the years. However, I was baffled by some of the toothpaste flavors I found while ...

Frenchies Say I Love You: Frog Dog Valentines

Is there any better way to tell someone you love them than with a French Bulldog? Well here are just a few from some of the many talented artists on Frenchie in Love by FatBunnyPress ...

Felt Frenchie Plushie!

via Adorable Frenchie plushies (and other breeds) made out of felt by @royal_mint_ available on etsy! I'm sure the batpig would destroy it instantaneously, but it's still super cute!

Batpigs in the Rearview Mirror

via No, Rondo (the batpig) does NOT trust my driving. Obviously, he is much more experienced, and, therefore, likes to give me lots of advice on the rules of the road. Anyone wonder why I got him a carseat? Thought not.

Batpig in Black and White

via I forgot about this shot from my lengthy affair with Hipstamatic.

Frenchie-ful Greeting Cards Found by @DogMilk

Adorable cards by Dear Hancock ( ) found via DogMilk ( ) Gorgeous Frenchies in fab clothing! For some reason I never seem to get sick of writing on the wide variety of frog dog stationary out there!

Brushing Teeth With Batpig

February is Pet Dental Health Month   For Frenchies it's especially important to brush since we're prone to dental disease! So we're gonna work extra hard to tame puppy breath this month!     The batpig loves his peanut butter toothpaste ( ) but ...

Batpig Montage Brightens Mondays

Makes me feel better every time!

Dogs Falling Asleep By Their Food Bowls

Alternatively titled: things that would never happen with my lab in my house ever... Honestly, the batpig would be putting his life in danger.  

More Frogdog Fashions from Afar

@buhimam has one adorable and well dressed French bulldog (Japanese French bulldog?) No Japanese required when there's this much cuteness involved!

Frenchie on the Frontline? Gunner & the Dumbo

A 1945 Children's book about a brave little frog dog in WWII. Written by Navy officer Dwight W Follett Gunner and the Dumbo |

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