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Dog CPR – a Life-Saving Infographic

When I first saw this image (courtesy of the American Red Cross) I was shocked to realize that despite the countless hours I have logged learning various first aid and emergency protocol skills (an inevitable side-effect of years as a camp counselor and backpacker) ...

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Canine Holiday Hazards

Some great advice for making sure you and your pet have a happy, healthy holiday! Dog owners should know the hazards of the holidays By Denise Baran-Unland for The Herald-News ‘Tis the season to be jolly, unless you’re a dog and you’ve chewed up the holly. Many holiday ...

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Physics for Dogs: A Crash Course in Catching Cats, Frisbees, and Cars

Physics for Dogs is a handy textbook that teaches dogs the fundamentals of physics, using examples dogs can understand: chasing the mailman, ...

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When we last shared the incredible adventures of @puppysblog with you we somehow egregiously overlooked the reci-pup-es, which include both recipes (duh) and super cute shots of puppy in culinary action! Oh puppy, you never cease to make us smile! So check out RECIPUPES | puppy's blog....

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Dog Milk: Best of September 2011

Personally, the noses creep me out a little, but heck- dog milk's pretty much always has great stuff going on! DOG MILK: BEST OF SEPTEMBER 2011 Posted on 10.01.11 by Jaime in News & Events Here is what you might have missed in September on Dog Milk:...

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Putting the Recess in Recession

I'm sure (or, at least, hope) I'm not the only one who has collected a sort of diaspora of internet identities over the years... We've all learned the modern lessons of turning privacy settings on and off, not having every minute of our adolescence tagged on facebook etc., but it's ...

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HTML5 Sites that Inspire

via 10 inspiring HTML5 sites you really should see. - Webdistortion. Webdistortion (Paul Anothony) does it again. Another great roundup of inspiring resources tapping into the latest technologies. My favorites include: Bifter  URL: http://www.bifter.co.uk/...

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Don’t Do It Yourself: When and How to Get Help with Your DIY Projects

Ok, so as it were this addresses a part of my brain I'm pretty sure was just never installed... I love instructables, I love make, I love home depot and radio shack more than any person really should... Alas, yes, ...

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A New Muse (Adobe Muse)

WebDistortion does it again! Paul Anthony (unbeknownst to him) has become my total go-to resource for all of those tools and resources out there for web design and development that I wish I bookmarked/had stored in one place/could remember where I put them. Adobe Muse, which is apparently a code ...

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